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Demos of DNNArticle


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Project List Go to Demo Page
The http://www.zldnn.com uses this module to list all products of our web site. We defined two extra fields, "Version" and "Order URL", to store the product version and the page of the product in DNNStore. When a user clicks the shopping cart icon, it will lead the user to the product page in DNNStore.
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Show existing article in DNNArticle View Go to Demo Page
  The DNNArticle View can: Show an article by the pass in id in URL Show the most recent article of a module/category Show a selected existing article It can be used to replace the HTML module.
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Demo of category tree Go to Demo Page
The category tree can work with DNNArticle View and DNNArticle List. In this demo the category tree shows articles. When users click an article title in category tree, the detail will be shown in the DNNArticle View in the same page.
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Archive sub module demo Go to Demo Page
The Archive sub module can show archived articles by month and year. You can select to show actived articles, expired articles or all articlse.
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Article List Demo Go to Demo Page
 This demo shows the flexiblility of DNNArticle List. In the content pane, there is one DNNArticle List that shows only one article, "The most recent module". It shows details about the most recent article. In the left pane, there is anothor DNNArticle List that shows other nine most recent released modules. The top one that is shown in content pane is not shown there. In this article list, there are two kinds of template, the first two items are with image. By using DNNArticle List sub module, you can build more flexible pages.
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Article Slide and Tabbed Article Go to Demo Page
 The DNNArticle Slide and DNNArticle Tabbed Content are sub modules including in standard package. This page shows demos of those sub modules.
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Working with Google Map Go to Demo Page
 There is an extra field in the DNNArticle of this demo. It stores the address of a location. In the template of DNNArticle, You can use to show Goolge Map inline.
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Light box gallery for DNNArticle Go to Demo Page
From version 8.2, there is an optional sub module named Light box gallery for DNNArticle. It allows you to add photos for an article. And you can show the photo thumbnail list in article view. When users click the thubnail image, the large photo will be shown in light box.
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Article Slide Plus Go to Demo Page
The Article Slide Plus is an optional sub module of version 8.2.
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Category Article Slide Plus Go to Demo Page
Category Article Slide Plus is a optional sub module of version 8.2.
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Tabbed Category Article Go to Demo Page
The Tabbed Category Article is an optional module for version 8.2.
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