Saturday, February 06, 2016

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The Module is listed in the ten commercial modules in the new book DotNetNuke For Dummies.


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Welcome to this demo site. You can see many interesting demos of Module Wrapper. This is a demo of background image of module wrapper.


Dwight Brown  says...
If you need control over a few module placements then this is for you. I like the scroll feature. Works.

William Winans  says...
This module alone changed my whole interface design capabilities. It's a real lifesaver!

Paul McAdam  says...
Fantastic module! Allows you to create more complex and good looking sites quickly and easily. Very impressed.

Benjamin Allfree  says...
Rock solid, works as advertised. Excellent way to avoid skin edits.

John Henley  says...
This is an excellent module. Well worth the price. Very fast support & patch turnaround!

Terry Sadler  says...
I've been using Module Wrapper for about six months now and version 4.0 since its release. This is a must have module for anyone setting up a portal. This one of my most important modules and it works as advertised. There are a lot of options but my favorite is wrapping my RSS news feeds and providing a manual scroll bar. Terry

Dwight Brown  says...
Does a very nice job. Allows you to configure the layout of modules in a single pane. Good Idea and overcomes the pane limitation.


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